Howzit guys!

My name is Rob, I’m the Creative Director here at Red September.

Do you know what really gets me down?  CVs!

Being a marketing agency, Red September gets a LOT of CVs every day, and most of them SUCK…

Guys, the Word doc is outdated.  Get interesting, get creative.  You know, what we’re looking for are interesting CVs.  Download a template, or design your own, but keep it interesting.  This is a creative industry, so your CV needs to reflect that.

I’m gonna give you two CV examples, one good and one bad, and I’ll give you some points to make your application stand out.

See this?  I am definitely NOT inspired to even go through this person’s CV.  It’s boring!  If you want us to read or go through your CV, it needs to be professional, creative, and to-the-point!

Now THIS is an example of a well-designed CV.  I like that it tells us what we want to know without being too cluttered.  It’s creative and it has a personality of its own, enough to grab our attention!

…and guys, we live in the 21st Century…  Grab that selfie stick or camera and take a short video of yourself and tell us more about yourself.  You don’t necessarily have to repeat the stuff on your CV; we want to get to know you, so let your personality shine through.

Another thing, guys – PLEASE include your portfolio with your CV.  We don’t have time to open and go through 1001 attachments.  Make sure your portfolio is not just varied, but also brief.  Let your work do the talking.  You can also send us a video link to showcase your work.

Anyway guys, that’s about all the time I have.  Thanks for watching!

Have a good one!


Written by barry