Stop buying generic ad space online

Generic digital advertising is becoming outdated. Not only is the online ad space cluttered, it’s also less effective since more users are installing ad blockers.

Instead, brands should focus on creating integrated digital experiences by delivering their messages using combinations of content, video and graphics.


Dump your “designed” ads and go buy a nifty camera

In 2016 video content and advertising was pushed to new limits. And thanks to Pokemon Go, we all gained new insights into the potential of augmented reality.

By 2020, 70% of all digital traffic will be video-driven. Leveraging this effectively means understanding how video is consumed on different mediums, for example on Facebook (with sound off) versus Youtube (with sound on).

Our advice?

  • TV ads – Include a “smartphone” version and cut your ad for every digital format imaginable
  • Big budget – Do something inventive with virtual reality
  • Small budget – Explore 360-degree video
  • No budget – Do a basic edited video.

Whatever your budget, you’ll need to align your brand and video content, amplifying all your efforts for maximum online consumption. This could mean using Facebook and Instagram “Live” videos to reach audiences in new ways with real-time, broadcasting capabilities.


Rethink how your customers talk to you

The way people communicate with brands is changing – just look at the growth in customer interactions on Facebook messenger. As the use of digital messaging tools and bots rise, you should understand how to use bots and where to integrate them to augment sales, customer service and after-sales follow ups, without being overly automated or impersonal. By integrating this kind of technology into your strategy, you can improve the quality and quantity of all your customer engagements.

Written by barry