Conquer the Black Friday beast and break through the clutter 

Conquer the Black Friday beast and break through the clutter 

Conquer the Black Friday beast and break through the clutter

In a world where ads clutter our news feeds and flood our inboxes, it has become an increasingly difficult task for brands to break through the clutter on Black Friday. You might feel that a huge discount or a tonne of free goodies might be the only way to get customers hooked, but it’s in fact the customer experience that you provide that will help you to stand out from the crowd on the most insane shopping day of the year.

We share some tips and tricks on how to get the most of the pie this Black Friday.


1. Give’em a good deal

Nothing beats an irresistible, super clear, and easy-to-redeem offer. It remains the nr. 1 way to ensure a successful Black Friday campaign. Think free shipping on top of your deals or offer a massive discount that customers are not likely to get throughout the rest of the year.

2. Load up on those influencer partnerships

Send your influencers items that are a part of your Black Friday promotion well in advance and request them to build hype around your sales. This will help your consumers to enter the need state faster as they can see the product/service’s use in action. You can also provide the influencers with a unique code to give their followers early bird access to your Black Friday deals for increased traffic.

3. Smarten the way you plan your price increases

Ever pushed up your prices during September and October only to decrease it back to its original price on Black Friday? You might think that this is a clever strategy but consumers are on to you! In fact, most consumers start prepping and planning for Black Friday during the months of September and October, so they are sure to pick up on those increases being shunned in their faces as a discount on Black Friday. We recommend announcing your price increases earlier in the year when Black Friday isn’t on your buyers lips. Be sure to give them an offering that offers slightly more discount than the difference in price increase on Black Friday. This will assist in building a positive brand affinity and prevent your brand from being called out as a scam on social media.

4. Offer deals by the hour

Want to encourage quick sales and split-second buying decisions? Create some buyer’s FOMO by switching up your deals hour by hour throughout the Black Friday weekend.

5. Plan your promotions to allow upselling

You can encourage buyers to buy more by offering incentives, i.e., a gift or free shipping if they spend a certain amount; buy 4 items, get 1 free; or you can offer bundle deals i.e., normal price R30.00 each, but buy 5 and only pay R100. You can create a sense of urgency by limiting quantities on stock to push past the buyer’s hesitancy to purchase.

6. Can your return policy be standing in the way of hitting those sales?

Offer a no-questions asked return policy to ensure your customers can purchase items without regret to push impulse buys. This is a great way to overcome buyer hesitancy, adds credibility to your offering and build customer satisfaction.

7. Sell the sizzle with a countdown clock

Add a countdown clock to your website’s splash page and utilise this clever pressure tactic to push those impulse buys.

8. Abandoned carts? Get retargeting!

Send your abandoned cart’s emailers to increase your chance of closing the sale on Black Friday. You can create a sense of urgency by telling customers that x-amount of people are looking at the item they abandoned and that stock is flying fast.

9. Be more accommodating

Not everyone has the luxury to take off work to get the load up on Black Friday. You can capture these customers by extending your deals over the Black Friday weekend all through Cyber Monday. Use SMS’s or WhatsApp marketing to let your customers know that the sale has been extended.

10. Get your website traffic ready

The last thing you need after putting in all the work in your Black Friday strategy is an error 404 on your website. Request your website developer to check that your website won’t crumble under the pressure well in advance.

11. Allow customers to stretch those rands

The Black Friday customer is a value-conscious consumer and they are very cognisant of the heavy costs of the festive season and the never the ending ‘Januworry’ if they spend too much in one go on Black Friday. Offer interest free instalment options to allow these customers to spend more on Black Friday.

12. Create a gift guide

Black Friday shoppers use Black Friday as an extensive opportunity to load up on gifts for the festive season. It’s important to speak to that by creating a must buy gift guide to ensure their Black Friday Christmas shopping splurge happens at your store.

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