It’s time for brands to ditch the “hustle culture” 

It’s time for brands to ditch the “hustle culture” 

In a world where everything is fast paced, getting to your next, balancing a full-time job and kids, studying towards a degree, and starting a side hustle all-in-one go became the “ideal achievement” in society – it’s no wonder than Gen Z is often referred to as generation burnout. In fact, we’re exhausted just reading that sentence. People are struggling to keep up and muting themselves towards brands that’s asking them to achieve too much. 

With the rise of quiet quitting in the workplace, the decline of the “girl boss movement” and rising reports of people asking for a “mental health day,” a trend is starting to emerge where the younger generation is rejecting the ‘hustle culture’ and some brands are starting to catch on. 

Uber Eats celebrates “the art of doing less” through promoting the ease of using their food delivery app to allow people to focus more on the things and hobbies that make them happy. Weetbix reminds us to take time to breathe and resort to the simpler things in life. The McDonald’s campaign “Fancy some me-time? Fancy a McDonalds” encourages customers to take time out and do nothing.  

Brands will need to start steering clear of promoting the hustle culture to prevent being rejected by consumers amidst the ad clutter. 

It’s time to do away with advert claims such as “be a better you;” “do it all;” “achieve more;” “what’s your next;” and rather serve messaging to our audience that allows them to “just be.” Advertisers will need to promote how their product or service will help people to do less and create an anti-hustle culture. It’s time for brands to take the pressure off and to ask:   

What if, instead of asking customers to achieve their next, we asked them to do less? 

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