Our team’s thoughts on what makes a great ad campaign:

A great campaign is a mixture of good ideas, sense of values, and nachos.

… is memorable and involves the audience.

People talk about it and awareness through word-of-mouth.

… simplicity, humor, and strong branding.

… catchy and informative.

An emotional connection is always a good thing…

A great ad campaign is memorable.

Blood, sweat, and tears, and the fact that the campaign stays in the minds of all of those who come into contact with the campaign.

Great concept, great execution, great results.

…is relatable and funny.

… it tells you everything you need to know about the product WITHOUT being excessive or redundant.

… contains elements of the unexpected and grabs your attention from the get-go.

…makes a person say, “shit, I should have thought of that.”

Simplicity, with a clear message and an emotional connection.

Great ads connect to their audience.

… and stand for values above and beyond the product or service itself.

Return on investment.

Great innovative thinking with great creative work.

An ad campaign resolves a genuine business problem through creativity.

Written by barry