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In the 50’s and sixties, the era of mess media with limited TV and Radio stations, there was no problem getting your message out, which meant advertisers’ strategy was ‘what the message should be’, rather than ‘who are we talking to’ or ‘how will we reach them’.   

Getting an advertising agency that gets the new strategy

  • Somewhere around the 90’s cable and satellite technology meant that no matter how big the idea is, only carefully targeted messaging channels would reach an ever-fragmenting audience. And so the media strategy was born.
  • In the new millennium, results-driven demand meant that it became increasingly (and overridingly) important for brands to be able to prove that their marketing spend has achieved the goal they set out with.
  • Today, globalized competition and digital demand requires that brands need to innovate in a fast yet relevant manner in order to remain competitive and develop the game changers that will allow them to remain competitive in the future.


Enter a new breed of strategic advertising agency

The digital revolution has necessitated a strategic evolution. At a divergent-thinking agency like Red September the time when each person had a function and each function had a person is gone. With the digital marketing landscape changing almost daily, to us it’s obvious that no one person, role or method can provide all the solutions. Our creatives need to be strategists and our digital guys need to know all about media buying. And so on.

This is why we strategically integrate Creative, Media and Digital solutions to repurpose creative content to seamlessly increase Planned and Unplanned Contact with brands across different channels. We use media to send traffic to a trusted online presence where we educate, inform, inspire, entertain, and use our digital eco-system to blend Paid, Earned and Owned media.

We advise companies in the market for advertising or marketing communication support need to look out for:

  • An unsiloed organisation that champions unsiloed creativity across a variety of platforms.
  • Agencies that focus on cross-functional teams with diverse skills to ensure synthesised strategy and idea generation.
  • Trend-savvy organisations that can balance stalwart traditional methods with digital progress.


Written by barry